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Final Exam Information

All exams will begin at the start of the day, just like normal classes. The room in which students will be writing their specific exam is listed in the detailed exam schedule below. Please note the important messaging about scheduled classes following the conclusion of an exam:

Junior High: Classes will resume throughout the day using their normal schedule after the conclusion of an exam. This will be the case for all classes up to and including the last instructional day which is Wednesday June 26.

Senior High: Regularly scheduled classes will take place up to and including Friday June 14. Beyond this date, the library will be made available to students who may need a quiet place to study. If students are needing to ask study questions, receive extra help, or provide evidence of learning after June 14, they are advised to email their teacher individually to seek out their availability since staff will be either supervising other exams or teaching Jr. High during this time.

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